tisdag 10 juni 2014

Striped mittens in twined knitting

Basic mittens in twined knitting. Using two colours to get stripes. In the cast-on I used one red  and two blue strands of yarn.
The yarn is from Wålstedts, 2-ply, z-plied. I often use needles 2,50 mm for this yarn but this time I wanted very thick and warm mittens so I used 2,00 mm.
I got a very dense fabric and I am sure these will be used often next winter. Sometimes it is nice to go back to knitting "no fuss" plain mittens.

2 kommentarer:

  1. they are lovely and make me want to knit a pair.
    Have never tried twined knitting and will have to find a yarn source in N.Y
    Tell O.P. I will send a letter soon.
    I love your blog and all of your knitting travels.
    You have access to a world that I love.

  2. I just found a source for Z twist 2 ply yarn in the u.s. now I just have to locate a pattern. Here is a link to the farm in Montana when I ordered a set of sample cards.
    Off to Chicago and then Colorado via train, wish I had the project ready to take with me.
    Have a great summer