måndag 23 juni 2014

Roses in embroidery, crochet and knitting in Dala-Floda - part 4 (Åklän)

This course was not about weaving but when Anna-Karin asked if we were interested in seeing part of her collection of "åklän" we all said YES! ("Åklän" is a woven blanket used for warmth when travelling with horse and wagon, hung on walls or placed on benches). We did not regret that.
I know that I go on and on about the stunning colours in the traditional textiles from Dala-Floda and I know that I should be used to them by now - but WOW! you should have been there to see all of this, feel the material and look at the back of the fabric where the colours are even brighter.
I am not a weaver, so I can´t give you details about the various techniques used in the blankets in the pictures below. All of them are woven, some of them have additional embroidery. They are a feast for the eye - Enjoy!

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