lördag 22 juni 2013

Ögontröst - Child´s mittens in twined knitting

This is a design by Elsie Jönsson. You can find them in the book "Tvåändsstickat" by Dandanell and Danielsson. The pattern is included in the latest revision as well as in the earlier editions. The instructions are a bit sketchy so in several aspects I have found my own solutions.

These should fit a child 2-3 years old. I have made them as  miniatures of mittens for adult´s. The name "Ögontröst" is Swedish for Eyebright (Euphrasia), a plant often used in folk medicine and by herbalists to treat eye infections.

It was a nice project, but they took more time to knit than I had anticipated (they are small - but it is twined knitting).

The yarn used (a total of 60 grams) is from Wålstedts and I used dbpns 2,5 mm.

söndag 16 juni 2013

Smalrand - Twined knitted hat with crook stitch pattern

This is a design by Karin Kahnlund, and a favourite of mine. I have knitted this pattern once before and that hat has been used a lot. The pattern is a two-coloured crook stitch pattern.

The design is clear and with a nice finish. Here you can see the decreases at the top of the hat.

After casting on I made a small alteration in the beginning of the pattern. Apart from that I followed the instructions as written.

lördag 8 juni 2013

The beginning of yarn

In March I was gifted a bag (marked Gustav) of wool  from a friend who owns sheep. My guess is that it was about 700 grams of wool. That is a bit much to take care of indoors, so I have been waiting for a weekend with nice weather and some spare time.

A lot of the wool was very dirty. Gustav is obviously not the cleanest of sheep, but I think that he knows how to have a good time. Before washing it I had to part with some of the fleece that I could not use. The weather was fantastic!

After washing it (and rinsing it), I let the wool dry. A warm dry wind helped a lot, and on the second day the wool was dry.

Our drum carder has ceased to be, so hand carding is the only option at the moment. This is not my forte and I felt a bit rusty at first.

The wool is very nice and I will have to find out what breed it is. The washed wool weighed about 500 grams. For me that means a lot of hand carding, and it will take me a lot of time. So it will probably be a couple of weeks before I post about spinning this. Good, because I have not yet decided how to spin it (z-ply, s-ply?  2-ply, 3-ply?, dyeing?).

söndag 2 juni 2013

White Mittens - Man´s size

Man´s size mittens in twined knitting featuring decorations in crook stitch. Using crook stitch is very rewarding with white yarn since the patterning gets very visible.

These patterns are from Dalecarlia (Dalarna) and I thought combining them on a pair of mittens fitting . The variations with crook stitches are uncountable and I can imagine many  different developments of these stitches for new mittens.

My only concern is that they will probable get dirty as soon as I start wearing them. I am thinking that perhaps it would be better to dye them. I will leave that decision until autumn.

As usual the yarn comes from Wålstedts. These mittens were knitted with dbpns 2,5 mm and I used about 160 grams of yarn.