söndag 19 mars 2017

Socks - finally finished

I finally finished these socks! Man´s size. Yarn used is 105 grams of Drops Fabel, and needles 2,50 mm.
I used the Old Norwegian Cast-On ("dubbel-korsuppläggning" in Swedish) and a K1, P1 ribbing. After that I changed to a Seeded Rib (4 stitches repeat) for the all-over pattern.
The heel-flap stitches are a "Reversed Slip 1, Knit 1" pattern.
Finally a toe with decreases at the end of each of the four needles. In Swedish it is called "Strålintagning". I have never tried this before, but it is said to give a good toe both with thin and thick yarn.

I like the retro-feel of these socks.