söndag 17 juli 2016

Returning to Grebbestad - weaving on the warp weighted loom

Two years ago we visited Grebbestad to attend a course on weaving on a warp weighted loom. This spring we heard that this summer was perhaps the last time that this course would be held, so we decided to go there once more. I wrote two rather detailed posts about our visit in 2014:
- Weaving Viking Style in Grebbestad - Opstadgogn
- A visit to Vitlycke museum and the fabulous rock-carvings (Petroglyphs) at Tanum

Therefore this post will mostly show some photos from this years work. I had decided that I would not weave with my favourite colours, grey, brown, and blue.  I would challenge myself and use red, pink, yellow and green. I also decided not to plan the pattern in advance but let it develop during weaving the band (the starting border) for the attachment of the warp. I also decided that I was not allowed to make the striping symmetric. I doubted my decision during the process but decided to go along no matter what. What happened was that I slowly got used to the result during the days of weaving, and I decided to keep the fabric and make use of it (more about that in a coming post).
Weaving the starting border
Attaching the starting border and warp to the cloth-beam
The cloth-beam hung up on the loom
Weights attached and the crocheted chain to keep the warp threads in order
Tying the heedles
No mistakes are allowed when tying heddles
The finished shed
Weaving on its way - note the weaving sword
Twisting the fringes
Grebbestad folkhögskola - old building
Grebbestad folkhögskola - out sleeping quarters
Grebbestad folkhögskola - the craft workshops
Grebbestad - dinner at the harbour

lördag 9 juli 2016

Grey socks

Sock knitting continues. These are a pair of grey socks that I just finished.
I used the same pattern as for the socks I knitted in June. The yarn is Fabel from Drops, but plain grey this time. Double pins 2,50 mm.

måndag 4 juli 2016

Memories from Dala-Floda

These small satchels are decorated with the traditional embroidery from Dala-Floda called "påsöm". They are made by Anna-Karin Jobs Arnberg. We were given them as memories of our joint work setting up the exhibition at Dala-Floda Värdsdhus.