söndag 30 november 2014


Söderängskrage is a very nice design by Erika Åberg that cleverly makes use of your left over yarns. You can use as many (or few) colours as you wish, and it is knitted in garter stitch. Since the knitting is very uncomplicated it is a perfect project for calming down or if you need something to do while watching TV or meeting friends.
I used an old 2-ply wool from my stash. The quality is not good enough for mittens but I think it works well in this project. I often say that grey is my favourite colour and I decided to use dark and light greys as main colours in this project. I used brown (another favourite) as a contrast colour and I am pleased with the result.
The design is from the book "Varmt och stickat" by Eva Trotzig and Erika Åberg. I followed the principles of the design when knitting my Söderängskrage. I added more stitches to get more width and used fewer colours. I also made it a bit longer. The design is easily adjusted to any wishes/demands you may have.

måndag 24 november 2014

Winter is coming - I have knitted a sweater!

This is rare. The last time I knitted a sweater was in 1988 when I was working in Germany and had lots of spare time on my hands during periods of performances and no rehearsals. I find sweaters a bit daunting since they are big projects. I avoid knitting them, but I really like wearing them.
I started this sweater a couple of years ago but did not find "the flow" in the knitting. It all started as an exercise in making sweater patterns (measuring, counting stitches, making swatches, finding technical solutions and hopefully also giving it my own "twist"). I had a lot of old 4-ply wool that I thought I cold make use of (grey - my favourite colour). It is knitted in the round with steeks. I knitted about half of the body and them I just stopped .... About a year ago I decided to finish it because I somehow knew that I would like it when it was finished, but it has been slow progress until a couple of weeks ago. Then I decided that this was it - now or never.
Since I am very partial to twined knitting I incorporated that technique in my design. The cast-on and "hem" is in twined knitting, as well as the shoulders, neck and the finish of the sleeves. The sleeves are knitted in the round from the shoulders down. It is a thick and sturdy sweater (1250 grams) and it sure is warm enough if we get a cold winter this year. Having finished it I am very pleased, and have decided that I will not wait 26 more years before I knit another sweater.
Showing steek for arm hole
Cutting the steek open after securing stitches by crocheting both sides of the steek
Very neat

tisdag 11 november 2014

Lekker warm! Twijnend breien / So warm! Twined knitting

This is a book on twined knitting by Carla Meijsen at The Dutch Knitters. The book is a very ambitious project  and all the texts are in Dutch and English. Literature in English on Twined knitting is not easy to find. I am sure this will be a welcome addition for many knitters.

Since I am very interested in the many local traditional patterns and techniques of twined knitting in Sweden I am glad to see that the author has visited Sweden and studied some of the old traditions and techniques here. The book starts with a background and telling of the trips to Sweden, the history and characteristics of twined knitting. There are also chapters on different kind of stitches, increases, decreases, colour-work etc.

The major part of the book consists of patterns (texts and charts) for more than 30 mittens, mitts, gloves, hats, socks, leg warmers. Most designs are by the author. 

In many of the patterns in this book you can see the influence from the traditional twined knitting in Sweden, but I would not call this a book on traditional twined knitting. As Carla Meijsen writes: "Living in a time when the internet is making the world smaller, the pace of life is faster and modern knitters set less store by local practices and customs, I have decided to unite the best of both worlds. Both traditional and innovative techniques and designs have found a place in this book."

tisdag 4 november 2014

I have been knitting socks ...

... but I am still not finished.This autumn I am knitting socks for my family. Since there are quite a few pairs to be knit I have started with five. I now feel that I have to get some variation in my knitting - before returning to socks.