tisdag 11 november 2014

Lekker warm! Twijnend breien / So warm! Twined knitting

This is a book on twined knitting by Carla Meijsen at The Dutch Knitters. The book is a very ambitious project  and all the texts are in Dutch and English. Literature in English on Twined knitting is not easy to find. I am sure this will be a welcome addition for many knitters.

Since I am very interested in the many local traditional patterns and techniques of twined knitting in Sweden I am glad to see that the author has visited Sweden and studied some of the old traditions and techniques here. The book starts with a background and telling of the trips to Sweden, the history and characteristics of twined knitting. There are also chapters on different kind of stitches, increases, decreases, colour-work etc.

The major part of the book consists of patterns (texts and charts) for more than 30 mittens, mitts, gloves, hats, socks, leg warmers. Most designs are by the author. 

In many of the patterns in this book you can see the influence from the traditional twined knitting in Sweden, but I would not call this a book on traditional twined knitting. As Carla Meijsen writes: "Living in a time when the internet is making the world smaller, the pace of life is faster and modern knitters set less store by local practices and customs, I have decided to unite the best of both worlds. Both traditional and innovative techniques and designs have found a place in this book."

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