söndag 30 november 2014


Söderängskrage is a very nice design by Erika Åberg that cleverly makes use of your left over yarns. You can use as many (or few) colours as you wish, and it is knitted in garter stitch. Since the knitting is very uncomplicated it is a perfect project for calming down or if you need something to do while watching TV or meeting friends.
I used an old 2-ply wool from my stash. The quality is not good enough for mittens but I think it works well in this project. I often say that grey is my favourite colour and I decided to use dark and light greys as main colours in this project. I used brown (another favourite) as a contrast colour and I am pleased with the result.
The design is from the book "Varmt och stickat" by Eva Trotzig and Erika Åberg. I followed the principles of the design when knitting my Söderängskrage. I added more stitches to get more width and used fewer colours. I also made it a bit longer. The design is easily adjusted to any wishes/demands you may have.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Beautiful and elegant scarf! wonderful gift!

  2. Mycket elegant är den!


  3. Tjusig halsduk, för att inte tala om din supersnygga tröja, låt det inte gå så många år till nästa.