söndag 22 juni 2014

Roses in embroidery, crochet and knitting in Dala-Floda - part 3 (Crochet)

Various crocheted items
In Dala-Floda crochet was not as common as knitting or weaving but it had its place in costume parts such as crocheted bands placed at the hem of skirts as well as crocheted belts and garters. The traditional crochet is tapestry crochet in many colours. It is not uncommon to see four or five colours carried in one row.
Crocheted bands
The colour red is the most common in the old items, it was seen as the most beautiful colour. In nearby Nås crochet had a more prominent role. Nås is famous for "Hjärtevärmare" - tapestry crocheted shawls in beautiful patterns. They were wrapped tight and fastened with bands. They were beautiful, but they must have taken ages to crochet.
Crocheted shawl
Seeing these old items changed my view about crochet. The work is so dense that the fabric does not feel as I am used to. The many coloured tapestry technique that requires many yarns to be carried at the same time in a row (you carry the ones not used "inside" the crochet and form the stitches around them) makes the fabric even thicker and denser.
Crocheted shawl from Nås
Craftsmanship and technique was impressing and flawless. These old items are excellent pieces to be inspired by, in so many ways.
Garters and bands in crochet

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