söndag 8 juni 2014


The beginning of May was rather cold this year. Walking to my train in the mornings required something warm on my head, but not as warm as a twined knitted hat. So I knitted beanies. The one in light grey to the left in the photo above is a design by Jane Ellison called "Raymond". I knitted one a couple of years ago, but lost it so I decided to knit one more.
Jane Ellison - Raymond
I am not sure what I think about the decreases. I find them a bit messy, but the hat is nice to wear and has a good fit.
My basic beanie - sock yarn
This one is a small beanie knitted with sock yarn and has a snug fit. It takes no place at all and fits easily in a pocket. Practical for the month of May.
My basic beanie - 3-ply wool
This is a much sturdier beanie knitted with 3-ply yarn (wool) from Filtmakeriet.

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