fredag 20 juni 2014

Roses in embroidery, crochet and knitting in Dala-Floda - part 1 (Twined knitting)

Dala-Floda Inn
Passing through the gates to Dala-Floda Inn for a second course in less than a month is a real privilege. The car ride from Stockholm went well and we arrived in time for some evening tea just before bedtime.
Entrance to the annex
Our room was in an annex to the Dala-Floda Inn. We had hoped for it to be available - and we were happy to stay there.
Karin Kahnlund
The next day was the first day of the course and Karin Kahnlund was an inspiring teacher. We concentrated on the twined knitting traditions of Dala-Floda and Gagnef and as usual we saw and studied many impressing things.
Sleeve on a man´s jacket, Dala-Floda
A man`s jacket from Dala-Floda with twined knitted sleeves decorated with flowers in black on a red background. Sleeves like these were knitted in natural white and black yarn and then dyed red after they were finished. The knitting is awesome. Perfectly even and very tight. Decorations with flower and star motives were called "roses", hence the title of this post.
Jacket from Dala-Floda
This is a jacket from Gagnef. Gagnef is just a couple of kilometres from Dala-Floda, but they have totally different patterns on their sleeves, smaller motives and evenly spaced, no "ladders" to separate them.
Old half-mittens from Dala-Floda
These are old half-mittens from Dala-Floda, with complex patterns. I show this picture because I find it very interesting that they did not bother about the pattern-"jog" that is the result of the pattern report not corresponding to the circumference of the mittens. This is not unusual in old knitted items here in Sweden. Nowadays we seem to be much more disturbed by this ... I wonder why ...
Dala-Floda Inn

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