lördag 15 oktober 2016

Tveband - Jakten på en strikketradition / "Twined knitting - In search of a knitting tradition"

This is a very interesting book about the Norwegian twined knitting tradition. Translated to English the title would be something like "Twined knitting - In search of a knitting tradition". I knew that twined knitting had a tradition in Norway. I had heard that they wore their mittens "inside-out" compared to us in Sweden. But that was about it. Information about Norwegian twined knitting has been very scarce.

Margit Bredesen, in cooperation with Magnhild Tallerås (textile advisor), has written a book (and knitted all the mittens in the book) that is thorough. History, techniques, similarities and differences between Norwegian and Swedish tradition, as well as a bunch of patterns (traditional and more modern) are to be found in this book.
Treasuring all the information this book has to offer I find it very inspiring to get a "new" angle on twined knitting. This is a book that has been long missing and a twined knitting tradition well worth a good book like this. I agree with the author that twined knitting is an old and interesting technique that is worth preserving, part of the cultural history of Norway and that this book shows the unique Norwegian tradition.
This book is only available in Norwegian.
It is published by Grue Husflidslag
It can be ordered at gruehusflidslag@gmail.com
ISBN: 978-82-91195-40-7

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  1. And unfortunately there is no way to order it here in America. Not fair.