söndag 30 oktober 2016

Grey Socks in October

These are grey socks kitted in thin sock yarn Fabel on needles size 2,50 mm. I searched the internet for a nice stitch pattern and finally found this that I liked because it gave me a retro-feel.
They are knitted on a circular needle using the magic-loop technique.This is not my favourite method, since I prefer knitting socks with five needles, but I have decided to knit some socks in this way. I think that it could be useful if I want to bring some sock-knitting when travelling since it prevents dropping needles.
I added one strand of yarn and knitted the heel in twined knitting to get a stronger fabric. If you know how to do twined knitting I can recommend this.
For those of you who like the stitch pattern I have charted it.

Chart for grey socks stitch pattern - knitted in the round

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