söndag 16 oktober 2016

Folklig virkning - Nås socken Dalarna / Traditional crochet from Nås parish Dalecarlia

Ulla Berglund Brasch - Folklig virkning Nås socken Dalarna
Finally! Ulla Berglund Brasch - "Folklig virkning Nås socken Dalarna" (in Swedish only) is a book on the tapestry crochet tradition from Nås, Dalecarlia. This kind of crochet has been done since the mid 1800´s when the first pattern books for crochet were published in Sweden.
Hjärtvärmare - Heart warmer
It is exceptional that this technique so quickly was incorporated with the traditional peasant costume in Nås, since the traditional costumes at that time already had a relatively strict form. The book is based on an inventory of traditional crocheted items from  Nås done in 1993-1996. The crocheted shawls called "Hjärtvärmare" (translated that would be: heart-warmers) from Nås are famous. The inventory registered 41 of these shawls, most commonly red patterned in black and white.
Crocheted mittens from 1855
Other items that were crocheted were mittens, hats, suspenders, purses, bands  and wrist-warmers. The book gives us the history, the technique, the materials,  and a lot of pictures. It also has patterns for one shawl and a pair of mittens.
Crocheted bands
Crocheted suspenders

My interest for this crochet tradition started when I visited Nås and Dala-Floda in 2014:

Roses in embroidery, crochet and knitting in Dala-Floda - part 3 (Crochet) 

Roses in embroidery, crochet and knitting in Dala-Floda - part 5 (A visit to Nås)

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