måndag 5 januari 2015

A new project book, 2015 -

New  project book
I am starting this year with a new project book. My old project book spanning 2006-2014 is full. In 2006 when I started keeping a project book I was a little bit hesitant whether it would be worth the effort or not. But I soon discovered huge advantages. Not only can I easily see when I knitted a project (time does fly) and to whom I gave it, but I can also find information about the time it took to knit, which yarn and needles I used, how many stitches I cast on and which alterations (if any) I made to the pattern used.
Old project book
I also add a photo of the project. It makes it so much easier to remember the project. I have great use of the book, e.g. when I am to knit another pair of socks to someone who wants them to be "the same" as the previous ones. It also helps me to keep order of sizes for mittens and socks for persons that I don´t have in my vicinity.
In later years I also have started adding charts for my own designs or for alterations made in other designs. 

So why keep a book and not just a digital file with text and pictures ... ? Hard to answer that - I guess such a file would be equally useful, but it just does not appeal to me. OK - I have my charts in Excel-format, but for the rest I like keeping my book.

If you are considering starting a project book (which I recommend) - buy one of good quality, because it will have to stand a lot of use through the years.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Åh så härligt att ha en helt ny vacker anteckningsbok med blanka sidor.
    Så många projekt det kommer att rymmas i den.
    Det är inte dumt alls att ha en arbetsbok "på riktigt"

  2. Men himlarns vilken bra idé och det måste vara så kul att titta på vad du gjort. Det är ju en helt annan känsla för en sådan här projektbok. Blogg är inte samma sak....ska nog ta och fundera på det. Får väl göra noteringar i efterhand (kan ju titta på bloggen) vad jag gjort genom alla år. Tack för tipset!