måndag 26 december 2011

In the nick of time

These mittens in Twined  Knitting for Jessica were finished just a couple of hours before they were to be gifted. I normally avoid knitting towards a deadline, but it sometimes happens (and Christmas Eve is kind of a special event).

They are (as usual) knitted with yarn spun at Wålstedts. The stitch pattern used is an old one from Ore, Dalecarlia. I saw it on a pair of knitted gloves at Dalarnas Museum in November. It was knitted in red on a white glove. For Jessica I chose pink on natural brown. 

söndag 18 december 2011

Striped Cap in Twined Knitting

I had some yarn from Wålstedts in really nice colours. I wanted to use them but I did not know what to knit. So I decided on a cap and unplanned striping, deciding on the colours while knitting.

This is the result, much more colourful than most of my items but I kind of like it anyway.
Knitted on dbpns 2½ mm, yarn from Wålstedts, 90 grams.

Inspired by Old model from Leksand

Half mitten - old model from Leksand
I started knitting this one during the course in traditional twined knitting at Sätergläntan that I attended in November. The original pair of half mittens (from the 19th Century) is owned by Karin Kahnlund. 
The mittens feature many of the characteristics of old mittens from Leksand:  knitted with white yarn, a broad cuff, one of the three threads used for casting on is red and they have a crook-stitch pattern. 
The original mitten has a gauge of 52 stitches/10 cm (13 stitches/inch). I knitted this one on dbpns 1.75 mm (00) and a thin 2-ply yarn for twined knitting from Wålstedts (a thinner version of their regular 4,7/2). My gauge is 49-50 stitches/10 cm (12-12.5 stitches/inch).

I knitted this to get a feel for the traditional twined knitting and I think that it was a great experience.