torsdag 30 april 2015

A hatter´s tool

We have found something that we have been searching for since quite a long time. It is a hatter´s tool, used when making hats and constructed so that the width is easily adjustable. In Swedish this is called a "hattstock". If anyone reading this could help me with the correct English/American name for this tool I would be most grateful, please leave a comment.
We are not planning to make hats. We will be using it blocking knitted hats and caps. A great plus is that it is old, handmade and have a fantastic patina from many years of use. I feel respect handling, using  and caring for an old tool like this. I wish it could tell us its story.

fredag 24 april 2015

Grey mittens

These are grey mittens in twined knitting that I knitted for a colleague as she left for a new position in another company.
She wanted grey mittens (she has great taste!) and not too elaborately embellished. So I stuck to the traditional. The decorations are influenced by the tradition in Ore parish, Dalarna.
Hopefully they will do their duty and provide warmth and comfort next winter.

lördag 11 april 2015

Mr Grey´s Scarf in Garter Stitch

This garter stitch scarf is now finished but will probably not be worn until autumn, since I am pretty sure that spring has come to stay now.
It is knitted in garter stitch. That makes for a warm and comfortable fabric. I used old 2-ply wool yarn  from my stash for this scarf and I am pleased with the result.
I have knitted quite a few of these now and I love them. But they do take a lot of time to knit.
I used 360 grams in all. The knitting was done with 3,00 mm (US 2½) needles. The finished scarf measures 30 x 185 cm (12 x 74 inches).

lördag 4 april 2015

More slippers

Inspired by the slippers that I knitted in March, I made these with some left over sock yarn. They are basically the same but with an added-on cuff, in garter stitch, that can be folded down.
I am quite pleased with the result and I will at a later stage knit a pair using a single  colour yarn. The "patched" effect I got from the left over yarns is debatable. 
I used 165 grams of left over sock yarn, and 5 double-pointed needles 3,50 mm (US 4) for these slippers.