torsdag 26 mars 2015

Embroidery sampler - Påsöm

This is a sampler for the embroidery tradition from Dala-Floda called "Påsöm". I started this sampler during a course last year but did not finish it until now. I have decided that I will learn how to do this, no matter how long it will take me. Knitting, nalbinding, spinning all seem like the most natural thing to do compared with understanding how to get a needle to cooperate in a creative process .... I guess that I eventually will get an understanding - but I will have to do a lot more practice.

söndag 15 mars 2015

"Scandinavian Folklore" by Laila Durán

Scandinavian Folklore vol. I -  Laila Durán
If you have an interest in the old Scandinavian folk costumes these are books to relish. Laila Durán has made three big books generously illustrated with fantastic pictures of old folk costumes. More than 2000 pictures in total. Most of the costumes are photographed in time appropriate settings, or outdoors, often in stunning locations.
Scandinavian Folklore vol. I -  Laila Durán
Texts are in English, Norwegian and Swedish. You can see more pictures from  "Scandinavian Folklore vol I" at Durán Publishing here.
Scandinavian Folklore vol. II -  Laila Durán
It is great to see all the colourful garments, If you think that Scandinavians dressed grey and dull you will have to reconsider. 
Scandinavian Folklore vol. II -  Laila Durán
You can see more pictures from "Scandinavian Folklore vol. II" at Durán Publishing here.
Scandinavian Folklore vol. III -  Laila Durán
Looking at all these costumes I can but marvel at the skills needed to make them. They all are stunning proof of the time, skill and effort that was invested in their making.
Scandinavian Folklore vol. III -  Laila Durán
These were garments that were passed on from one generation to the next. I am glad that so many of them are left and that there are people that still learn the skills to keep the tradition going. You can read more about "Scandinavian Folklore vol. I-III" at Durán Publishing here.

Two more books from Durán Publishing:
Broderte bunader - published in 2014
"Broderte bunader" was released in 2014 by Durán Publishing in cooperation with Norsk Folkemuseum. Text in Norwegian only.
Broderte bunader - published in 2014
"For the first time the embroidered bunads of the 1900s is put into their historical context. The book explains why and how the first embroidered bunads were designed at the turn of the century, and the emergence of a new look, and way to use them in the interwar period. Using hundreds of photos and illustrations the book features the development of the festive bunads and introduces the people who created them." 
More examples from "Broderte bunader" can be found at Durán Publishing here.
Populære Bunader - Laila Durán
"Populære Bunader" - text in Norwegian and English.

"With focus on the festive bunads made in the early 1900s, photographer and author Laila Durán presents more than thirty bunads from all over the country. The book is intended as an introduction to some of the most popular bunads in Norway. There are 100 colourful photographs and short historical summaries from areas in which folk costumes developed in an unbroken tradition to become bunads. Also included are embroidered bunads, the designs for which were inspired by old garments and objects."

I find all of the books in this post interesting and inspiring. They are not  about how to make these garments, they contain no patterns or instructions but they visually present this cultural legacy in the nicest way possible.

All five of these books can be found on this years book sale at

tisdag 10 mars 2015

Knitted slippers

My godmother knitted many "slippers" such as these. When I was a child they were welcome presents during the cold season. I don´t know if she ever had a pattern for them - I think that she just knitted and created which ever size and shape she aimed for.  My mother had a similar approach when she knitted socks and mittens.
A couple of years ago I found an old pattern book that had a very similar pattern. I have made some minor alterations and is now pretty close to the "slippers" that my godmother knitted.

onsdag 4 mars 2015

"Norwegian Pick-Up Bandweaving" by Heather Torgenrud

This is a very interesting book by Heather Torgenrud that was published in 2014. It is written in English and it is all about Norwegian bands.
Part 1 "History and Tradition" tells the story of how the bands were used in the 18th and 19th century in Norway.
Part 2 "Vesterheim Collection" is about twenty bands and their patterns, colours and materials. The bands were brought to America by Norwegian immigrants.
Part 3 "How to weave Pick-Up" has instructions on how to weave pick-up on simple, traditional band heddles.
Heather Torgenrud is born and raised in Montana and has been weaving bands for more than forty years. In this book she presents comprehensive and detailed information about pick-up woven bands in Norway from the late 1600s to today. She also offers clear instructions and more than 100 charts for weaving bands with the beautiful patterns found on old bands in museum collections.