tisdag 31 december 2013

All the best for 2014 to all of you!

Here are some words of wisdom from Mary Thomas in the Preface to "Mary Thomas´s Knitting Book", originally published in 1938:

"All things are possible in knitting. Women knit almost by instinct, men now for pleasure, though not so long past it provided him with a means of livelihood. (...) Knitting should be done thoughtfully. It should not be hurried. That is its charm to our generation, who live surrounded with a wild helter-skelter of speed. It is creative, and that is its supreme satisfaction. If things go wrong don´t get impatient."

lördag 28 december 2013

One more Baktus

One more Baktus, this time a striped one. The yarn used is from my old stash. Not very good quality wool. It wouln´t do for mittens or socks but it is good enough for a scarf. The red yarn is dyed by me.

I really like this since it is useful, warm and comfortable. I used about 320 grams of yarn (it is a big one) and it took a lot of time to knit.

onsdag 18 december 2013

Money can´t buy happiness, but it can buy yarn which is kind of the same thing

If you have read my blog you know that I think that the yarn from Wålstedts is by far the best available for twined knitting. Wålstedts is a small family business and I recommend them whenever I get the opportunity.

Today I got a tip from my friend Maria about a video presenting Wålstedts Textilverkstad. I think that it is well worth viewing: http://vimeo.com/80980183

lördag 14 december 2013

Knitted socks for the twins

I do not knit a lot of Christmas presents these days because I do not like the stress of having a deadline. However, for the twins I make an exception. Last year I knitted mittens so it seemed logical to knit socks this year. The twins are growing a lot from year to year so I had to adjust the pattern to get at good fit.