söndag 16 oktober 2011

Twined knitted mittens for the twins

These are twined knitted mittens for the twins. My sisters grandchildren are 8 year old twins and I have knitted them mittens. These are to be X-mas gifts (have to start early when it comes to twined knitting). The contrast colours are the same as those of the twins favourite team (Nota bene: it is important not to go wrong here or the mittens will never be used).
In size they are small mittens but I have knitted them in the same manner as for adults. So I have used traditional casting on, two different kinds of traditional braiding, increases and decreases according to the Dalecarlia traditions. The two different braids and a slight variation in the pattern on the cuff are done to separate the pairs.
The yarn used for these mittens comes from the wool of a friends sheep (breed Värmlandsfår) and is spun at Wålstedts in Dala-Floda, Dalecarlia. In these times of consumerism I think that it is a great thing to hand knit, and to do it with a yarn that I have met the sheep that the wool came from makes it even more satisfying.
I also think that it is important that the twins get a chance to learn something about the origin of the yarn of their mittens. So last summer we visited the sheep.
I can only hope that the mittens will be as appreciated as the providers of the wool were.

torsdag 6 oktober 2011

Traditional Swedish Patterns for Knitting by Karin Kahnlund

Today I visited a release party for a new knitting book Traditional Swedish Patterns for Knitting. The book is written by Karin Kahnlund and her designs are all inspired by patterns of traditional textiles from the Swedish province of Skåne. The source of inspiration has been Jakob Kulle´s book Swedish Patterns for Art Weaves and Embroidery (1892), which was reprinted by Rediviva Publishing House in 2008.
Since I am an avid fan of traditional knitting, traditional patterns etc I am glad Karin uses traditional Swedish textile patterns in her book, and I am impressed by her designs.
Her patterns are based on the Swedish knitting tradition of compact patterned knitting in woollen yarn spun from long glossy fibres which become only more beautiful with time.

A really nice thing about this book is that is written in both Swedish and English. Smart and something that I think should be done more often (wouldn´t it have been nice if the reissue of the twined knitting book from Dalarnas Museum had been done in the same way).

Karin has been my teacher in knitting at the courses at The School of the Association of Friends of Textile Art in Stockholm that I have attended. She is a great teacher and her vast knowledge of Swedish traditional knitting has been most inspiring, and  an important influence on me as a knitter.
The book contains patterns for mittens, hats, sweaters, cardigans, cushions, leg warmers etc
Karin signing her book.
Book information:
Sticka efter Svenska Mönster
Karin Kahnlund
Traditional Swedish Patterns for Knitting
Rediviva Publishing House 2011
ISBN 978-91-977695-1-8