lördag 30 januari 2016

Testing sock yarn - knitting socks

Last year I knitted a lot of socks, and learnt a lot in the process. This year sock knitting continues. At the moment I am test-knitting different samples of yarn. The different yarns, one of which might become a commercial yarn made of 100 % wool, are spun by a factory in Sweden.

By choosing and mixing wool with various properties, but also changing the amount of twist in spinning and plying, the purpose is to produce a strong yarn for socks. I think that this is a great idea.

I am now knitting socks out of the different sample yarns. In the process I am taking notes about how I judge each yarn while knitting and how the finished socks fabric feels. The next step is putting the socks to use and to test their durability and warmth.

I do hope that in the future we will have a good Swedish 100 % wool yarn for socks.

söndag 10 januari 2016

Lopapeysa - Icelandic sweater finished

I finished my Lopapeysa just in time for the cold spell! It was a fun project. I really like the yarn Alafoss Lopi. It has a very genuine feel and it is easy to knit with.
I have read that many people find the yarn a bit itchy, but after washing the sweater I think that it is very nice. After wearing it for a week I am already contemplating knitting one more of these sweaters.
It is an easy knit. I planned the sweater in November and made some changes starting with omitting the borders and just keeping the yoke pattern. I also added some short rows at the back for a better fit, and made the neck a bit more narrow and higher.
Very functional.