tisdag 27 oktober 2015

Blue Hat with a [k3, p1] ribbing

One more hat that is knit in the same way as the ones I knitted this summer. This time I used a blue yarn from Marks & Kattens and a twined knitting cast-on.
Rather a quick knit and uncomplicated.

lördag 24 oktober 2015

Twin Rib Socks

Sock knitting has continued. This is a pair of socks with a Twin Rib cuff. The blue yarn in the heel and the toe is 4-ply Strikkegarn from Rauma. Very strong and 100% wool.
For those of you that want to knit the Twin Rib, this is the chart for knitting it in the round. 

torsdag 22 oktober 2015


Revlingar, an old form of knitted wrist-warmers worn by fishermen of old on the Swedish West-coast. They have a special shape and are very functional. I have never seen an old pair of revlingar. I have read about them and seen pictures and descriptions of recently knitted ones. They all have this shape.
These are knitted in garter stitch. I guess you could use any other stitch pattern that you prefer. They are excellent projects for learning how to knit, and also nice gifts.
I used a thin 2-ply yarn from Filtmakeriet and needles 2,50 mm. They are 12 cm wide (I casted on 32 stitches) and 38 cm long, not including the decrease part that is 5 cm. When I had three stitches left after decreasing, I knitted a 55 cm long i-cord. You could make a braid or make a crochet chain instead if that is what you prefer. Just make it long enough to wrap around your wrist a couple of times. One pair of this size used about 85 grams of yarn.