söndag 19 juni 2016

Sorting fleece

Since the weather was much better today than yesterday we decided to spend a couple of hours sorting fleece. A couple of weeks ago we received a lot of fleece from the breed Roslagsfår from a friend. A very generous gift.
So we spent part of our day skirting and grading. We want to end up with a yarn suitable for knitting, but there is quite a way before we reach our goal. Washing all this fleece will take days and we will be dependent of the weather for drying the washed fleece.

No doubt this will be a project for the entire summer - and we will probably need to get ourselves a new drum carder since our old one has ceased to function and I can't see us carding all this wool by hand. Spinning can be done during winter - but I really would like the wool carded by then.
My idea is to mix these colours to get a grey yarn. I will also very soon have to decide whether to mix in some other wool before starting carding.

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