tisdag 21 juni 2016


This is a short information about Roslagsfår.
The breed Roslagsfår was rediscovered in the 1990's. The breed today stems from Raggarön in the north of Roslagen where the sheep has been kept since the 18th Century. The wool was foremost used for making textiles for the family. It was spun, woven, knitted and nalbound for socks, mittens and other types of clothing. The wool is very similar to that of the breed Rya, strong and lustrous.Their wool varies in quality and is not suited for fulling since it does not shrink easily.
The sheep are small. A ewe weighs 30-40 kilos and a ram about 50 kilos. Their height averages 57 cm making them the smallest of the Swedish sheep breeds.

More information (only in Swedish) about the breed can be found here:

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