fredag 17 juli 2015

Knitting Hats

I had not planned to knit a whole lot this summer, but the weather being as it is (rainy and cold) has given me ample opportunity to spend time indoors knitting - I am not complaining, just explaining ...
I have always liked hats with a [k3, p1] ribbing. I can't say why. I just think that they are simple but a bit more interesting than plain knit or a [k2, p2] ribbing.
So I have been experimenting and now found my own "formula" for this kind of hat.
The decreases here are simple and yet functional enough for me. I have tried a couple of patterns from other designs earlier but I think that the decreases were made more complicated than what is necessary.
The hats are knitted in various yarns but they all have a similar thickness and they are around 150 metres per 100 grams. 100 grams is more than enough for one hat with a circumference of 57-58 centimetres.The hats in this post use 75-85 grams each.
I played around with the cast on and the first rows on the hats. On some of them I mixed techniques and started them in twined knitting to get a more prominent edge, then changed back to "ordinary" knitting for the rest of the hat.

They knit up pretty quickly and are a bit "addictive" to make - perhaps these will become Christmas gifts ...

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