lördag 25 juli 2015

"Trekanten" (the Triangle) - hat in twined knitting

This really is a summer for knitting. The occasional sunny and warm days are separated by periods with cold, cloudy and rainy days perfect for spending time indoors with a nice cup of tea and knitting.

I had long pondered knitting something from Kerstin Jönssons´s book "Tvåändsstickning - Mina mönster och idéer".  Mainly because I like some of the hats that are featured in the book. 
Kerstin Jönsson: Tvåändsstickning - Mina mönster och idéer
Kerstin Jönsson has a non traditional approach to twined-knitting based on a long experience of teaching twined knitting. She uses a rather thick 3-ply, s-plied yarn instead of thinner 2-ply, z-plied yarn that is the traditional choice for twined knitting. Consequently she also uses thicker knitting needles.

I am, admittedly, strongly in favour of following the tradition when it comes to twined knitting. My opinion is based on the fact that the reasons why twined knitting survived so long was due to the qualities that the produced fabric had. These qualities were a consequence of the materials (yarns and needles) used and the traditional knitting techniques. I also find the traditional knitted mittens, hats, socks etc. and their patterns extremely beautiful and interesting.

But I am not opposed to trying new things. So I followed the instructions regarding yarn and needles and knitted the hat "Trekanten". The book is written so that you can combine instructions and vary your hats and mittens accordingly. I think that that is a nice thing to do, since it shows you how easy it is to make your own designs and adaptations of given patterns. 

This is also in line with Kerstin´s view on her patterns and texts. She writes in the beginning of the book that she can´t understand why most books have restrictions regarding how the content is to be used, that it is not to be copied or spread. She says that she has written this book to spread her ideas regarding knitting and that she wants her patterns to be used, spread, inspiring and knitted as much as possible. The main thing is to get people to be creative with their hands.
Nice decreases
The hat ended up being a little on the big side, but I think that the pattern and especially the decreases are very nice. I will probably make some changes and knit some more hats inspired by this one. The finished material is thick and probably very warm. All in all a nice experience.

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  1. That hat looks great! I am just trying twined knitting myself for the very first time. I'm having a lot of fun with it!