söndag 21 juni 2015

Mittens from Riga

These are mittens from Riga. After reading about mittens from Latvia we are now proud owners of three pairs of mittens from Riga, the capital of  Latvia. Comparing the pictures and charts with the real thing is a joyful experience.
We haven't been to Riga - yet. That is still to come. But thanks to a friend that recently visited Riga we now have these mittens. You can read more about the visit on her blog En till stickblogg. Thank you Heléne!
It is always a special feeling to hold and examine mittens knitted in a traditional way. The skill of the knitter is to be admired. The patterns are to be enjoyed.
They are all so inspirational. Have to visit Riga!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Wow how beautiful! Very eyecatching!

  2. Så vackra vantar.
    Apropå babymönster så finns koftan som man stickar från sida till sida i Karin Kahnlunds bok, därmed en extra twist.
    En trevlig sommar önskar jag er också sticka lugnt.