torsdag 3 november 2011

Birthday mittens in Twined Knitting

These mittens are for my nephew Peter. He is an amazing man and father, and it was a long time since I knitted something for him. So, for his birthday in December I have made a pair of twined knitted mittens.

The colour stitch pattern on the cuff is based on an Estonian pattern that I adjusted to fit the amount of stitches that I needed for Peter´s mittens. Originally this pattern is knitted with two colours. For these mittens  I made my own colour scheme, letting myself be inspired by the colours used for hand woven bands that I remember from my youth in Lapland in the north of Sweden.

The coloured yarns for the cuff were bought at Wålstedt´s in Dala-Floda. The dark brown yarn for the mittens is also spun at Wålstedt. The wool comes from the same herd of sheep that  supplied  the yarn in the mittens for the twins. 

I used double pins 2,50 mm (US 1½) and about 150 grams of yarn in total. Cast on, cast off, increases and decreases are traditional ones from Dalecarlia.

6 kommentarer:

  1. I love these - they are very beautiful. And so well knitted!!

  2. Så härliga de blev!!! Gillar muddbården!!!

  3. Åh, så vackra! Nu måste jag lära mig tvåändsstickning.

  4. Så fina saker du stickar, upptäckte din blogg först idag när jag letade efter mönstret till Toarpsmössan på Ravelry. Länkar till den på mitt blogginlägg i morgon. Må väl. Hälsa OP.