söndag 16 oktober 2011

Twined knitted mittens for the twins

These are twined knitted mittens for the twins. My sisters grandchildren are 8 year old twins and I have knitted them mittens. These are to be X-mas gifts (have to start early when it comes to twined knitting). The contrast colours are the same as those of the twins favourite team (Nota bene: it is important not to go wrong here or the mittens will never be used).
In size they are small mittens but I have knitted them in the same manner as for adults. So I have used traditional casting on, two different kinds of traditional braiding, increases and decreases according to the Dalecarlia traditions. The two different braids and a slight variation in the pattern on the cuff are done to separate the pairs.
The yarn used for these mittens comes from the wool of a friends sheep (breed Värmlandsfår) and is spun at Wålstedts in Dala-Floda, Dalecarlia. In these times of consumerism I think that it is a great thing to hand knit, and to do it with a yarn that I have met the sheep that the wool came from makes it even more satisfying.
I also think that it is important that the twins get a chance to learn something about the origin of the yarn of their mittens. So last summer we visited the sheep.
I can only hope that the mittens will be as appreciated as the providers of the wool were.

3 kommentarer:

  1. They are lovely and I am sure will keep those little hands warm.

  2. Thank you Roberta. Best wishes from OP and me /Lars

  3. I think the contrasting yarn is a terrific addition. I also felt it was a wonderful learning experience for the twins. Bravo!