söndag 20 november 2011

Mittens for Mia

These are twined knitted mittens for Mia. She likes brown and grey and perhaps some blue.

They are part and end of what became a "Twined knitted mittens for Peter´s family" Christmas gifts project. I am glad that I was able to finish in time. Christmas is only one month away and time will fly .... 
In the near future I am once more going to Dalecarlia to study local traditions in twined knitting. I am really looking forward to this and know that it will give me lots of inspiration. Posts will come in December.

2 kommentarer:

  1. You have very beutifull mittens here in your blog.

  2. Så vackra! Och jag anar att du ska på kurs med Karin... ;-)

    Lev väl och sticka lugnt!