torsdag 11 augusti 2016

Socks from the 1950's

Stickat Nummer 1, 1952
I stumbled over this old issue of the Swedish knitting magazine "Stickat" from 1952. Since it is very worn the price was very reasonable. These old magazines are interesting to read. Even if the patterns often have to be recalculated and sometimes also "translated" into modern knitting descriptions, they can be very inspirational.
Stickat - Pattern for men's socks knitted with nylon yarn
This issue had a pattern for men's socks knitted with nylon yarn, Very "chic" in the 1950's, I guess. Well I don't fancy knitting socks with 100 % nylon yarn, but I thought it would be fun to knit these socks with a modern sock yarn.
Finished socks
I made some changes (e.g. I used another heel turn and I reinforced the heel flap) but otherwise pretty much followed the pattern. The amount of stitches given suited my size so I didn't have to do much recalculating. I am happy with the vintage appearance and will probably use the pattern again.

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