tisdag 15 september 2015

Yarn from Latvia

Big package from Latvia
Today a big package sent from Latvia was delivered to our house. When we were in Riga in August we bought a couple of hanks of the yarn that was used in the knitted mittens that were for sale at Tines.  About a week ago I placed an order for more yarn at their web shop.
Yarn for mittens and hats
There are colours here that I normally would not choose. But they are part of the Latvian tradition and I know that they all have an important role in the knitted mittens. The yarn is a thin 2-ply wool, 350 metres per 100 grams.
Many colours
It is nice to know that all these colours will brighten the dark and cold winter that is coming.
Lots of colours
Autumn in our garden - Winter is coming

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