fredag 4 september 2015

Our Fulling Boards - Swedish names: valkbräda, tovbräda, tovträ

Our fulling boards
Fulling is a process used for making e.g. knitted woollen material thicker, more durable - and warmer. The fulling process also shrinks the woollen material, so if you plan to full a pair of mittens you should knit them bigger than the desired finished size. Nowadays many people use their washing machine for fulling. It is an effective and non-laborious way of fulling. But you have to be careful since you can´t see the finished result until the machine´s program is finished. Using a fulling board gives you much more control over the process, and makes it possible to get a really god fit. You will also get a work-out as a bonus!
I also find it exiting to feel the process taking place in the material when the wool´s fibres intertwine and mat together. 

Here are two posts about when I used a fulling board:
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Our new fulling board
This is our new fulling board. It is made by a man whom I met during the Österbybruk Wool market. It is the largest of our fulling boards and also the heaviest. I do look forward towards testing fulling with this one.
Sturdy and effective fulling board
This is the fulling board that I have used for fulling until now. It is a sturdy piece of wood and I find it efficient to work with.
Old fulling board from Dalarna
This one was given to us as a gift. We were quite taken aback since it is probably at least a hundred years old and from Dalarna. I have never dared to use this because of its age, but I think that it is a fantastic old tool showing marks of being thoroughly used.
Fulling board from Leksand, Dalarna
This fulling board that we bought in Leksand, Dalarna is also at least a hundred years old. It is on the smaller side and I have not used it. The surface of this one is so very smooth, it must have been used a lot.

As with many other of the old tools for working with wool I find it really exciting to hold and feel them. Imagining the makers and users and the fabrics that have been created with their help.
Signature on the fulling board from Leksand

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