onsdag 27 maj 2015

Hat with Estonian pattern

Hat in twined knitting  - Estonian stitch pattern
I wanted to knit a hat in twined knitting. While thinking about how I wanted it to look I searched through some of my knitting books. I found a pattern that only required minor changes to be used for my hat.It was in a book about Estonian socks, called "Eesti sokikirjad" by Elo Lutsepp and Irina Tammis.
"Eesti sokikirjad by Elo Lutsepp and Irina Tammis
I used left over yarn for this hat, one light grey and two nuances of red. The yarn is from Wålstedt and I knitted on 2,50 mm (US 1½) needles.
These old traditional patterns are the best. They look good and they are fun to knit.

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