söndag 10 maj 2015

Digerdöden / Black Death - Hat in Twined Knitting

Digerdöden / Black Death
This is a design by Karin Kahnlund. It was published in a Swedish magazine called "Hemslöjden" in 1988. The design has a peculiar name "Digerdöden", that is the Swedish name for the Black Death.
Hemslöjden 1988/5
I have long planned to knit this hat, but I could not decide which yarn to use until I opened my box with my hand-spun yarns and found a red and a grey yarn which I thought would be nice to use.
The pattern
These yarns were spun a couple of years ago. The red yarn is based on Spelsau mixed with Leicester, and the grey yarn is based on Rya mixed with Gotländsk Pälsull and Leicester.
Digerdöden - close up
I think that the two yarns work well together. It is always a bit special to knit with a yarn that you have made yourself.
And I got to test our hatter´s stock - it was perfect for blocking!

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