onsdag 31 december 2014

All the best for 2015!

I wish you a Happy New Year with these quotes from Elizabeth Zimmermann:

“Really, all you need to become a good knitter are wool, needles, hands and slightly below-average intelligence. Of course, superior intelligence, such as yours and mine, is an advantage.” – Knitting Without Tears

“Properly practised, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn’t hurt the untroubled spirit either.” – Knitting Without Tears

“I deliberately keep my knitting notes vague, because tastes vary, and your brains are as good as mine anyway.” – The Opinionated Knitter

“When times are tough I sit down to spin during the news-broadcasts, with therapeutic results. Knitting, as you well know, is therapy too.”
– Knitter’s Almanac

“My kind of character enjoys work best when work is fun, and progress can be noted and gloated over. When I have a long plain piece of knitting ahead I put a safety-pin at each day’s beginning to show me how I am coming.”
– Knitter’s Almanac

“...there are few knitting problems that will not yield to a blend of common sense, ingenuity and resourcefulness...” – The Opinionated Knitter

“A swatch is not wasted labour by any means; it makes an excellent pocket...”
– The Opinionated Knitter

“For people allergic to wool, one’s heart can only bleed. Synthetics are a marvellous substitute, but a substitute is all they are.” – Knitting Without Tears

3 kommentarer:

  1. Så vackra vantar du har stickat, tack för tipset om nya gotländska mönsterboken, citaten läser jag vidare på
    Ett Riktigt Gott Nytt år till dej och Op

  2. Vilka vantar! Och en önskan om en god fortsättning på det nya året till er med. Kanske möts vi över stickorna på en glasveranda snart igen. Ha det fint!