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The World´s Longest Book Stall 2013

As a part of Stockholm Culture Festival, the World´s Longest Book Stall is an annual event. More than 600 stands of books are lined up in double rows along Drottninggatan in the centre of Stockholm. For us, it has become a tradition to spend this day browsing thousands of books, trying not to buy too many (our book shelves are long since full).
It is a bit like a big party where everybody´s focus is books, books, books. Crowded, absolutely - but also a nice reminder that many people appreciate books and reading. I think that reading books is one of the most important things to do (and to teach our children). It gives a grasp of the language and it takes you to really interesting places. Books can teach you a lot.

Below I will list some of the books that we bought this year. I will stick to the textile related ones. Sorry to say most of them are in Swedish and as far as I know not available in translations.
Folkliga band - Ur kulturens samlingar.
"Folkliga band - Ur kulturens samlingar" by Kirsti Dahle Emaus and Ingela Julin-Kristiansson. This was published in 1985 ans is a treasure of traditional patterns for band-weaving.
Folkliga band - Ur kulturens samlingar
The patterns are from Skåne (Scania) in the south of Sweden. Lots and lots of patterns. No instructions regarding how to weave. ISBN 91-970441-7-2
Nålbindning Historiskt och modernt i Stockholms län
"Nålbindning - Historiskt och modernt i Stockholms län" - This is a book about nalbinding. It is about the traditions found in the Stockholm region in Sweden. Author is Eva Anderson. published in 2009. ISBN 978-633-3962-1
I learned how to nalbind from Eva Anderson and I have the highest regard for her knowledge regarding the nalbinding traditions in the Stockholm region.
Mönsterstickat - kombinationsmodeller
"Mönsterstickat - kombinationsmodeller" This is a book from 1966 published by "Föreningen för svensk hemslöjd". I like it because it is from a time when knitting at home was very common.
Mönsterstickat - kombinationsmodeller
Some of the vintage patterns are quite nice. Perhaps I will knit a sweater like this some time in the future (I am not a knitter of sweaters, unfortunately).
Ull & Ylle - Kläder och prakt
"Ull & Ylle - Kläder och prakt" This is a very interesting book about wool by Ewa Kewenter published 2002. The content spans many aspects of wool handling and different uses.
Ull & Ylle - Kläder och prakt
A lot of beautiful pictures by Ralf Turander.
Ull & Ylle - Kläder och prakt
You will learn a lot about wool and techniques/traditions if you read this book. ISBN 91-518-3811-7.
"Ruteåklaer" by Marit Wang is a Norwegian book published in 1983. ISBN 82-00-05955-3. There is an English Summary: "Coverlets woven in tapestry type "rölakan" - a contribution" at the end of the book.
Very inspiring information and photos if you are interested in folk craft traditions regarding weaving.
Hali - The International Magazine of Fine Carpets and Textiles
We also found a bunch of old issues of the magazine "Hali - The International Magazine of Fine Carpets and Textiles". We don´t weave carpets but the pictures in these magazines are fantastic.
Hali - The International Magazine of Fine Carpets and Textiles

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