lördag 17 augusti 2013

Crocheted wrist-warmers/cuffs

Practising crocheting - this time I am making wrist-warmers. I am rather pleased with these since they are warm and comfortable (we have had some chilly mornings despite that it is still August, so I have tried them out).
Wrist-warmers are very simple in shape so there is no challenge there. I am however learning to crochet with two colours. It is a known Swedish/Nordic tradition to crochet cuffs, mittens and hats in this technique.
Sadly there is not a lot of documentation easily found on this tradition. So I have to make do with what I can find and then it is up to trial and error.
Crochet is a bit quicker that twined-knitting ... It is nice to try something new - it gives perspective. Next project with crocheting will be using my home-dyed red and green yarns.

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  1. Å, vilka läckra muddar. Det är så kul med flerfärgsvirkning, men håller med om att det är svårt att hitta böcker i ämnet.