måndag 29 juli 2013

White Wrist-warmers in twined knitting

Update: 2013-08-05 Free pattern in English and Swedish is available, see right-hand menu under "My patterns / Mina mönster"

These are wrist-warmers in twined knitting. The inspiration for these was the cuff pattern on the white mittens that I finished in June. I played around with some different options and then settled for this.

The repeat is 6 stitches so they are very easy to adapt to different sizes/yarns/gauges. I used 65 grams of Wålstedt 2-ply z-twined yarn for these in man´s size.

We have had very warm weather in Sweden the last week so there has not been an opportunity to "test" them - pretty warm is a safe bet.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Som sagt, ursnygga...men passformen tveksam (fel storlek för mej:))

  2. voine voine så snygga!
    Bästaste hälsningar från Dikanäs!


  3. Such interesting stitches!