tisdag 16 juli 2013

Washing socks, mittens and hats

Washing is usually done in late spring, but this year there just was not enough time. Work took its toll and any free time was used for recovery.

I know that wool does not have to be washed that often. That many times it is enough to just hang a sweater outside and it will to a degree "clean" itself. But mittens, socks and hats do get dirty when used. And I feel a lot calmer knowing that they are clean when stored during the summer.

Clean means that they will not be attracting uninvited pests to the same extent as when dirty. Our home is full of knitted garments and wool, and infestations of any kind are not something that we would like to experience.

2 kommentarer:

  1. That's an impressive amount of handknits :-)

  2. houpppsss så mycke!! Vilken produktion!