söndag 5 maj 2013

Striped mittens in twined knitting

Twined knitted mittens with stripes.  The first time I saw mittens with this pattern was when taking a class in twined knitting lead by Karin Kahnlund.

The rows in white and red makes it very easy to keep track of the number of rows and you get "identical" mittens without any effort.
Always make a thumb-gore - it improves the fit enormously.

The yarn used in these mittens comes from Ullcentrum.

4 kommentarer:

  1. I love your twined mittens. They are amazing!

  2. Så vackra....vet du om att dina vackra alster är "pinnade" väldigt mycket på Pinterest ;-)

  3. I love these and unlike the white ones I could wear these in NYC. One time on an outing that took me on the subway and the white ones would be grey.

    This would be a nice summer project.

    Love all your work