söndag 28 april 2013

Needles for Nalbinding (Nålbindningsnålar)

I have made needles for nalbinding with the help of my brother in law who has access to some woodworking machines. I asked him to prepare some pieces of wood, as blanks, so that I could make some needles for nalbinding. I did the shaping and the final "finish".

These four are made from ash. In old Nordic mythology the immense tree Yggdrasil was an ash tree. Since nalbinding in Sweden goes back to the Viking era I find it fitting to have needles made from an Ash tree.

These three are made from Beech. 

 These are made from wood from Thailand. I do not know the species.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Snyggt jobbat!
    Du är ju händig med kniven också!

  2. Oooo så fina nålar! Någon gång när jag har litet att göra ska jag snida till sådana.