söndag 3 mars 2013

Nalbinding (Nålbindning)

It was time again for nalbinding. I really like nalbinding - it feels so genuine and the process is so repetitive and calming. It was more than a year ago since I did some nalbinding. Since I do not want to forget how to do it I decided to make a hat.
I found some old 2-ply wool in my stash that I could "risk" (it is not possible to rip back nalbinding, so if I messed up the yarn would be lost).
This time I decided not to full the finished hat. To compensate for that (I still want a warm hat) I had to bind it tighter than usual. The stitch is "Norrtälje", a.k.a. "Brodén". It is surprisingly warm. It took 70 grams of yarn in total.

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