fredag 8 mars 2013

Dyeing yarn for nalbinding

Time again for dyeing yarn. I have bought some yarn for nalbinding from Wålstedts (seen to the right in the picture below) and I decided to dye some of it. I also had some embroidery yarn from Rauma in natural white (seen to the left in the picture below) that I wanted to dye red, green and yellow.
The yarn from Wålstedt was grey - and I dyed it green. Dyeing on grey yarn is a favourite of mine. The result is often much more interesting than dyeing white yarn. The Rauma yarn is a very thin 2-ply spaelsau and I plan to (some time in the future) use it to decorate mittens in nalbinding).

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  1. Your post reminded me to spin some of my Finn fleeces in the opposite direction for twined knitting. Yes I agree that it is very nice to overdye the natural greys. I overdyed natural fawn/beige with great success as well :-)