söndag 16 september 2012

Hat with five colours - Tunisian crochet

My next project discovering Tunisian crochet in the round is a hat. I chose my favourite yarn from Wålstedts to get god quality. It is a two-ply, z-plied yarn. I was curious to see if the z-ply was a problem when making Tunisian crochet (it was not).

I chose to use five different colours/nuances from light blue to black. Black being the only colour used on every row throughout the whole project.

For the beginning I used dark blue and black, alternating the basic stitch with purl stitches. For the rest of the hat I used the basic stitch and alternated the blue colours for every row.

An easy and fun project - I think that Tunisian crochet can be quite addictive ...

4 kommentarer:

  1. Fin mössa du gjort väldigt spralliga färger!

  2. flitig som en myra är du och tjusigt blir det å!

  3. your crochet is wonderful, i've for awhile wanted to learn the tunisian method.. do you know of any good resources in english or french?
    i also wanted to ask about your cast on, do you use a special one for your mittens, it does not look like it, yet your edges don't curl without ribbing. maybe this principle is different in twined knitting?

  4. Thank you for your kind comment

    Resources for tunisian crochet: go to youtube.com and search for "tunisian crochet" and you will find a lot of interesting clips.

    As for edges that do not curl I often use a cast-on for twined knitting (one of the most common is shown here http://vimeo.com/18361296)after that (I knit in twined knitting) alternate rows in purl and knit a couple of times - that makes for an edge that does not curl.