torsdag 27 september 2012

Dyeing yarn with Jeaba cold water dye

Last Sunday I dyed yarn by using Jeaba. Under the guidance of Liisa the group had a very nice time and produced lots and lots of colourful yarns.

It is quite messy (in a rather nice way) and I do not know if I would do it at home. You pour the dye liquid on to the yarn (the yarn is not soaked first) and there can be a bit of a problem getting the dye evenly distributed. I think that this method is far better when you want to give the yarn many colours letting your artistic side free.

It was interesting to try out a new method for dyeing yarn. It was very "hands on", and since it is a cold water dye method there is no risk of burning yourself.  

I stuck to blue for all my yarn. I am planning to use it for a shawl, and too many colours can distract from the lacy pattern.

After dyeing the yarn you squeeze as much of the fluid as possible out and wrap it in a plastic bag. Leave it for 24 hours. Rinse thoroughly 5-6 times and hang it to dry.

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