tisdag 10 juli 2012

Keeping the yarn stash organized

The forecast for today was rain so I took the chance to tidy up our "wool-room". Organizing the yarn stash and sorting out various items that no longer were in their right place after planning, starting and finishing projects during the winter. I try to do this with some regularity.  It is not my favourite thing to do, but I feel good when it is done.

The stash is growing (despite a lot of knitting) and some sort of system is necessary to maintain an overview. We bought the containers a couple of years ago and they were worth every penny (that should be "krona" since I live in Sweden).

Luckily I did not have to sort out the knitting needles today (the most boring thing to do) since I did that a couple of months ago. Time for coffee!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Vilken ordning i ditt stora garnlager.

  2. men jistarns vad mycket och vilken ordning!!!

    nu är jag i norr och jag tänkte att jag skulle fotografera litet i Dikanäs så du får se hur det ser ut nu för tiden....jag återkommer med "signal" när det är klart för en titt.

    Undrar om du känner till Dikanäs så pass bra att boken som Björn Löfström skrivit är intressant för dig att läsa. Skriver om den på min blogg.


  3. I think I told you before how much I envy your stash room. Mine is a mess a lot of the time and I don't get as much knitting done as you guys do.
    You are an inspiration.
    Are those green vests with knitted sleeves attached?
    They are lovely.