lördag 16 juni 2012

Dyed yarns for twined knitting

The last month I have dyed yarns, Since I do not have the facilities to dye more than 200 grams at a time it is quite time-consuming - but rewarding.
I have used a dyestuff from "Färgkraft" called "Färg Special". It is easy to use. The yarn that I have dyed is the z-plied yarn for twined-knitting from Kerstin Danielsson in the natural colours white, grey and dark brown.
Above you can see the natural white yarn that I used on the left. Beside it the result when dyed red, green, blue and yellow.
On the left the grey yarn used. Beside it the result when dyed red, blue and yellow. I am especially fond of colours dyed on grey - there is a depth and liveliness in these colours that I find irresistible. On the right you can see that yellow on grey makes a very special almost olive green.
On the left the dark brown yarn. On the right the result of dyeing it with marine blue - it is extremely close to black (I will probably make more of this in the future).

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