tisdag 29 maj 2012

Visiting friends

Last Sunday we visited our friends Kerstin and Bosse and their sheep (breed "Värmlandsfår"). They had 21 lambs, and I was totally charmed. Who could resist a three week old lamb?
Kerstin and Bosse give their sheep utmost attention and take care of them all in the best of ways.
We spent half  a day with them all, it passed in a blink. Kerstin has the fleece spun at Wålstedts in Dala-Floda to a z-plied yarn for twined knitting. I have used it and I really like it a lot. So I added to our stash before  leaving.
I think that it is a special feeling knitting with a yarn knowing that I have met the sheep that provided the wool. Nowadays that is not a common thing - a hundred years ago it was the other way around.

3 kommentarer:

  1. The wool yarn looks lovely and I look forward to seeing what you will knit with it :-)
    I love to spin the wool from my sheep and I spend alot of time visiting with my "girls and their lambs".

  2. I think you are very lucky to have your own sheep, both for the wool and the company :-)