söndag 27 maj 2012

Treasures in Dala-Floda - part 3

We also visited Wålstedts - my favourite producer of yarn, especially the z-plied yarn for twined knitting.
Lasse took us on a tour explaining the history of the company, the ideology behind it, and what makes them special compared to bigger yarn producers. Wålstedts have a very small production and take care to make a yarn with high quality. Lasse also explained that the yarn can sometimes be a little uneven and that that is because they take great care not to stress the fibre with e.g. to much carding before spinning. This can result in a somewhat more uneven yarn (since it is hard for the spinning machines to process) but the lustre and strength will be undiminished.

And there were of course many temptations around! I bought some of this dyed fibre - it will probably be part of my summer spinning.

The shop is situated in the same building. 

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  1. Oj oj vilken guldgruva du hamnade i ;-)


    1. Ja, verkligen frestande omgivning var det :-)

  2. I would love to see more posts about Swedish yarns....especially Gotland :-)